Service & Repair

Swimming Pool Service & Repair

Offering a full range of pool services and/or repairs for pools, spas and hot tubs. We can maintain, service or repair for the customer. We offer a variety of pool maintenance programs that can be customized to fit your needs.

Weekly or bi-weekly pool service during the season offers you the opportunity to enjoy your pool without any of the hassle! Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services will keep your pool brushed, vacuumed, backwashed and water tested (chemicals not included). If you require chemical treatment based on your water test, we will be in touch after providing you with a copy of your test to let you determine what we do or do not do for chemicals. You are completely in charge without any of the dirty work!

We also offer a Yearly Maintenance Program that truly takes ALL the work off the owner! With a 12 month contract we take care of everything! We open your pool, clean and get it up and running, along with all the chemicals for one set monthly payment! We will then come out bi-weekly and take care of your pool and keep it balanced for the entire season and then close it when that time comes. If you leave your pool running year-round, we will come out as the weather allows during the winter and keep those pesky leaves dipped out and keep you looking good!

We service pumps and also do any needed repairs on pumps, controllers and vacuums. We will work on hot tubs, spas and pools.