Do you have a inground vinyl swimming pool? Do you have a faded, torn liner?  Is your pool losing water and your liner is more than 7 years old?  Have recent storms tossed patio furniture into your pool?

There are a multitude of reasons that it’s just time to order a new liner.  We can come out and obtain your liner number OR measure your pool for a new liner.  It normally takes about 60-75 days (some times sooner) to get that liner back from the manufacturer.  When we receive the liner, we will schedule with your for that installation!

We do recommend replacing the white goods (skimmer covers, gaskets, return jet covers, etc) at the same time as the liner.  Over time, these white goods will deteriorate and have hairline cracks that can also cause water loss in your pool.  During the wait time for your liner, we will come out and remove the old liner (drain if necessary) and evaluate the pool krete.  There are instances that require we “smooth out” the existing pool krete to remove any divets or low spots.

Once the new liner is delivered, we will get it placed in the pool, turn on the water and vacuums (they suck the liner back against the walls).  As the pool fills, we work to get the wrinkles smoothed and the white goods all replaced.  When the pool is full, we start all your mechanics back and balance the chemicals and the process of an enjoyable summer is well underway!

Liners are a beautiful way to completely refresh the look of your backyard oasis!